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Despite recent talks of slow-down growth in enterprise applications segment, irrespective of the industry; disruptive technologies will transform the way enterprises manage, augment, and analyze operations. From our own perspective, we believe that innovative applications development will be the catalyst for growth of large companies in coming years and future looks brighter than ever.

The point is, these recent tech trends will forever change enterprise application development. As technology plays an increased role in business in the coming years, companies that adapt to these changes will have an advantage. Companies that don’t will fall behind.

On other hand, Application Management has arrived at a crossroad due to declining IT budgets in the backdrop of expanding business, is forcing CIOs and IT leaders to find means to dramatically reduce IT spends on Application Management.

However, as the industry evolves to answer increasing business demands, the challenge is on technology innovators to transform the application management function. The application management system of the future needs to address three key issues faced by CIOs.

Productivity: Most large enterprises have exhausted the offshoring potential of application management. The focus has shifted to non-linear cost saving models. - The application management model of the future must offer industry standard toolsets and automated processes, and identify deviations from coding best practices to enable continuous improvement. It must do so over an industrialized global delivery platform.

Business IT Alignment: Over the years, large enterprises have tended to accumulate heavy sediments of legacy applications that bloat the portfolio and eat up valuable budgets. The application portfolio now faces ruthless rightsizing, and IT needs to provide full visibility on where business is spending its IT budget. - The application management function needs to provide usage and billing visibility at multiple levels of aggregation 24/7, on a real-time basis, on PC’ and Mobile devices.

Future Readiness: The world is going SaaS in front of our eyes. Application management needs to support this fundamental industry change. - The modern application management function not only needs to straddle legacy and SaaS application architectures, but also offer a proactive roadmap to application modernization.

Unfortunately, many enterprises are still missing most of these elements. Contrary to popular opinion, the highest level of application management sophistication is not achieved by offering increased offshoring. Nor is it achieved by migrating from staff augmentation to managed service models.

Summing up, getting the most from your IT investment and driving business growth depends on effective management of your enterprise information systems. Enhancing the performance and value of your applications, however, is no easy task, especially in today's business world. Tight IT budgets, increased IT complexity, time-to-market pressures and changing business requirements make it difficult for companies to ensure their applications are delivering maximum value.

ARICSCOOPER can help. We offer end-to-end application management services that deliver the expertise, skills, solutions and quality you need to successfully build, run and evolve your enterprise applications.

 An early innovator in SAAS, we know Enterprise Application and delivering the next generation of Applications by leveraging our experience in product engineering, we launch & provide services and solutions to market faster, with high quality and economical costs

 We are part of a Global Systems Integrator Conglomerate, VAR & recognized ISV headquartered in Edison, NJ, with employees and offices that span across the globe (North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Singapore & Malaysia) with state-of-the-art Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) & Research Development Center (Namely IDEA Lab) in India

 More than 15 years of experience in managing applications for large companies across the globe

 Long-term partnerships with leading organizations in targeted industry sectors, including education sector, financial services, telecom and utilities, government and healthcare, manufacturing, and retail and distribution

 Empowered local teams backed by global resources with a strong track record of quality delivery and high client satisfaction