IT Engineering Systems

IT Engineering Systems

Data Center Engineering Infrastructure

Today’s data centers are being built at the forefront of industry standards. Within the past five years, the way we construct data centers has changed dramatically. “Data centers will no longer be constrained by one specific site. Instead, organizations will have multiple sites, connected by high performance networks, with the ability to move workloads to where it’s less risky and more secure for the business”.

With the advancements in cloud computing, IT consumerization, and the increase in data, where will all of this be controlled? The reality is simple: Behind all of these technologies sits the datacenter. High-density computing, advanced types of networking methodologies, and more efficient ways to control a datacenter infrastructure are the only means to meet today’s business demands.

Partner with us to uncover your data advantage. ARICSCOOPER Engineers can consult with you to deliver a data center solution that accelerates your business. Drawing on our cross-industry, global expertise, our teams will help you develop a data center strategy that fits your needs today from specification and design through the commissioning process and handover, our expert teams will work with you to develop the right data center for your business goals. We provide complete site selection, design, construction, and data center consulting services.

ARICSCOOPER offers deployment and support of:

Data center engineering infrastructures
Data center storage and server infrastructures
Auxiliary systems supporting data center operations

As a part of our engineering infrastructure projects for data centers, we deploy the following systems:

Ventilation and air conditioning
Distributed power supply, grounding and lighting
Uninterruptible and guaranteed power supply
Structured cabling systems
Safety and security systems including security and fire alarms, access control, CCTV, perimeter security
Comprehensive dispatch and engineering system control via a centralized control center
Raised floors

ARICSCOOPER offers site audits and technical modernization of future data center premises during data center construction and site preparation. We follow technology-oriented approach and have a large team of highly skilled engineers and experts.

ARICSCOOPER designs and builds data center engineering infrastructures using innovative solutions. We have a strong track record in data center construction including deployment of Lampertz, Rittal, APC and Emerson modular and mobile data centers. ARICSCOOPER also works with Apollo, AMP NETCONNECT, Cisco Systems, CommScope (Systimax Solutions), Cummins Power Generation, Delta Controls, EATON POWERWARE, Panduit, Siemens, Siemon, Uniflair and other partners.

ARICSCOOPER solutions meet the following data center requirements:

24x7 operation and monitoring
Quick deployment and configuration changes
Connectivity with regional and global networks
High availability (99.999%)
Site safety
Fire safety
System operations control

Structured Cabling System

The increasing use of smart phones, tablets and laptops and the need for file sharing, networking and instant access will massively increase the need for speed and data storage. The need for storage will increase the demand for more Data Centre capacity.

Business will increasingly shift from buying IT products to purchasing infra- structure as a service, and software as a service as the overall costs are (perceived) to be lower. The end-user wants elasticity and scalability. The trends seen in the last few years towards increasing use of fibre in data centers will continue. The number of computer rooms and small and medium sized data centers will fall as the use of cloud services and outsourcing increases. Mega data centers are moving towards single mode fibre, while large data centers are using multimode fibre and MPOs.

By consolidating data, telephone and other communications networks into a unified cabling space, a structured cabling system integrates all site equipment. Cabling system supports uninterrupted operation of the whole site engineering and IT infrastructure as well as its ease of use, long-term operation and development.

ARICSCOOPER has a strong expertise with deployment of structured cable systems in office buildings and data centers with the leader in industry Commscope which was among the first to conceive of, and plan for, the universal connectivity we enjoy in our modern broadband world. Decades ago, they designed a complete portfolio of broadband RF, copper and optical solutions to power the information revolution and still they remain an industry leader to this day.

ARICSCOOPER Structured Cabling Systems will continue to scale and innovate to meet growing demand and power the networks of tomorrow. ARICSCOOPER also designs and installs low-voltage power lines and outlets as well as standalone low-current systems isolated from the structured cabling system. Unified management of all low-current power line installation projects helps reduce time frames, coordinate project activities and reduce overheads.

Our clients ultimately acquire:

A scalable future-proof structured cabling system eliminating the need for additional cable work whether the requirements to communications infrastructure change with time, new IT systems need to get connected, or existing hardware needs to be moved
An open architecture allowing simultaneous use of multiple protocols and multivendor solutions thus helping to reduce new investments in active devices and protecting customer's existing investments Ability to keep using existing active devices
Ability to operate SCS with the least possible number of staff
Manufacturer's warranty for the whole SCS solution, extended warranty as well as existing and future technology support program
An opportunity to integrate additional systems and networks and reduce SCS installation costs by deploying a full cabling system all at once
Simplified troubleshooting and administration process and reduced downtime attributable to network outages

Power Supply System

The growing reliance on Information & Communication Technology that operate 24/7 has spawned a rapidly growing and developing industry that supplies products and services to this relatively new marketplace. Once dominated by large financial institutions and large mainframe computer-based corporate databases systems, the need for and utility of on-demand information services now reaches into essentially every business and every office in the world.

Reliability of the electric power supply is an essential foundation for these on-demand services. Electric utility networks are incapable of supplying power of the requisite quality and reliability. The protection systems in all electric networks are designed to interrupt power in order to protect people and equipment from the effects of accidental contact with energized conductors or equipment failures.

Just like human circulatory system, power supply systems provide energy to buildings, offices and equipment. Power supply system’s ensure continuity of business processes, support high availability of IT infrastructure and protect expensive equipment from breakdowns.

ARICSCOOPER will be happy to build a foundation for your company's energy sustainability relying on the following systems:

Uninterrupted power supply
Guaranteed power supply

Uninterruptible power supply systems provide electric power to critical equipment—relaying electricity from the mains under normal circumstances or providing it from UPS batteries in emergency. ARICSCOOPER designs and deploys uninterruptible power supply systems using industry-leading technologies of APC by Schneider Electric, MGE, Eaton and Socomec supporting remote site monitoring and delivery of emergency notifications to automated control centers as needed.

Our data center engineering infrastructure solutions based on APC InfraStruXure and Emerson Liebert X-Treme modular systems allow for full integration of power supply, air conditioning, monitoring and site management systems.

Our guaranteed power supply system’s ensure independent supply of electric power to data centers, telecommunications nodes, integrated engineering systems and other infrastructure components from internal diesel generators.

ARICSCOOPER builds and installs single-module and multi-module diesel generators intended for primary or backup power supply. We use industry-leading power modules by SDMO, Cummins and F.G. Wilson.

ARICSCOOPER power supply system’s meet the following requirements::
Reliable and uninterrupted supply of electric power
High power-quality
Standards-based modular design
Energy efficiency and energy saving

HVAC Control System

For decades, some building systems have benefitted from controls. Venerable pneumatic control systems use air to initialize mechanical processes. But these controls are limited to the mechanical systems such as heating, cooling, and ventilation. Newer digital control systems, commonly called building automation systems, consist of networked hardware and software capable of managing numerous building systems.

Increased energy and labor costs provide facility managers (FMs) plenty of incentive to consider upgrading to more efficient systems. A partial or full conversion from a pneumatic system to a digital building automation system will provide: more actionable data for intelligent building management; lower energy costs through greater operating efficiency; lower maintenance costs through less need for calibration and service of equipment; and higher income potential through better environment control, which results in improved occupant satisfaction.

Today’s modern fully sealed buildings and facilities, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are required in every room whether they are manufacturing sites, office centers or residential properties. HVAC systems regulate air temperature, humidity, quality and circulation-critical factors affecting environmental comfort and equipment operating conditions. HVAC systems also support uninterrupted operation of high-current and electronic equipment in server rooms and data centers.

ARICSCOOPER designs and installs highly efficient HVAC systems for various buildings:

Offices and boardrooms
Business centers and malls
Server rooms and telecommunication rooms (up to 15 kW)
Data centers (over 20 kW)
Healthcare facilities
Manufacturing sites

ARICSCOOPER designs and installs the following HVAC solutions:

Air conditioning systems (split systems, central systems, precision cooling systems, chiller / fan coil units, multi-zone VRV systems and absorption chillers)
Ventilation systems (forced intake and/or exhaust, local, natural and general ventilation)
Getting expert advice on engineering and HVAC systems at construction stage helps avoid being limited by existing infrastructure by adjusting building design if needed. ARICSCOOPER partners with world-leading HVAC manufacturers well-known in the region, such as APC by Schneider Electric, Emerson, Emicon and Uniflair, giving our customers access to best-in-class solutions and professional HVAC design, installation and maintenance services.


A highly skilled engineering team which successfully delivered projects
ARICSCOOPER provides single center of responsibility for all-inclusive engineering infrastructure implementation
A wide range of solutions available to address various requirements including energy efficiency

ARICSCOOPER can also design and builds utilities lines including heating, plumbing and sewage.