Enterprise Computing Services

Enterprise Computing Services

Today’s Enterprise Computing creates a plethora of challenges and opportunities. Businesses, their clients and their customers alike have to adapt to increased globalization and the commercialization of technology owners, both at home and in the workplace.

The focus from industry pundits for the pastfew years has centered on the SMAC acronym: Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Collaboration. Indeed the combination of these technologies has changed the way most of us work, consume publicity, and shop for goods and services. Few of us can deny that our teams have become more distributed at work, yet we have adjusted our tools to enable staying connected to them and sharing materials. Mobile has blended our work and playtime to the point that we are always connected to our jobs, for better or worse. You can do your job from almost anywhere.

These advances are just the tip of the iceberg. Companies that seize the new technology and find ways of creating new value through innovation or displacement of old methods of delivering that value will be well positioned going forward. Those that ignore the benefits of the internet of things and what changes the Digital Industrial Economy will bring, will likely not exist in a decades time.

The global market space being never static is very dynamic and vibrant and to be on the race, it is imperative that organizations are on-track with the evolving global market. Hereby, the need arise for an effective collaboration for virtual integration and interaction between partners, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, professionals and employees.

ARICSCOOPER as a global service and solution provider has Enterprise Computing, built on latest technologies using Web 2.0/3.0 &SOA, leverages the business practices for its agility and performance of an organization and its computing framework liberate the workforce from the constraints of legacy communication and interaction within and beyond the organization. Enterprise Computing is distinguishable for its compatibility to various platforms, technology, portals and servers and its offerings include:

Some of ARICSCOOPER’s proven Enterprise Web 2.0-based solutions are: