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SmartPrise SOA

Being part of a fast growing organization starting with handful staff in one room to being an international company of more than 3000 people has taught us that there is a difference between an agile team in a start-up (or even a bigger company), working in some sort of vacuum, and an agile team operating within the broader context of a bigger company. We think our client can imagine what the difference can be with a big enterprise.

What’s so different?

Solutions need to be fit in an existing ecosystem: the definition of done needs to include compliance, data security, data ownership, and integration with existing systems.

Multiple teams work towards a common goal: there needs to be alignment with (so-called) enterprise disciplines such as portfolio management, enterprise architecture, and strategic reuse.

Agility is only possible when the whole organization adopts the mindset: in an agile enterprise the marketing and sales side of the organization is balanced with product development. In an agile enterprise the entire business is organized in a way that it can respond quickly to changes in the market. All departments are fully integrated with the overall value stream, there is end-to-end agility.

ARICSCOOPER Enterprise 2.0 SmartPrise SOA is an array of services for enterprises searching for new innovations in their business practices and processes to make their business more effective and agile. Our SmartPrise SOA services stands for business agility, performance and interoperability and is a framework to assess, plan and enable the implementation of Service Oriented Business Processes to create Smarter Enterprise through proven and right sized SOA and BPM adoption.

    ARICSCOOPER has a strategic multi-platform and multi-vendor approach in providing its SmartPrise SOA offerings, and helps the organizations to:
  • Architect and design service enabled enterprise class applications
  • Build novelty BPM models and remodel their existing BPM models
  • Service enable, integrate, enrich their Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Legacy applications through upgrades and migrations
Our approach in offering SOA services is holistic and aimed towards strategically aligning your IT with business at reduced TCO.

    ARICSCOOPER's Enterprise 2.0 SmartPrise SOA rays best practices of:
  • SOA Readiness Assessment
  • Take our Complimentary SOA Readiness Assessment
  • Architecting and Designing
  • Data Management
  • Integration
    Our strategic partnership with technology majors like Microsoft, IBM, Redhat, Ubuntu and others help us serve our customers with wide range of products based on the customer preference and needs. Our Enterprise 2.0 SmartPrise offerings for enterprises include:
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • BPM
  • SOA-enabled application development


    Business Paybacks
  • Helps you to increase your customer satisfaction through improved dynamic business services possible using new, speedy and feature rich technologies
  • Quick ROI with reduced operating expenses
  • Bridges and aligns your business with IT
  • More automated processes with reduced manual handling thereby reduced human intervention and errors
  • Flexible and innovative BPM models
  • New innovations on existing BPM activities
  • Speedy business management processes
  • Keeps you on-track with new emerging business trends
  • Optimized solutions and services at incredibly low cost
  • Less turn-around time and faster market reach
    Technical Paybacks
  • Services around decentralized and distributed service oriented architecture
  • Easy Integration and interaction between various components and applications such as
  • desktop application, legacy application, web application, etc
  • Excellent data handling and management practices
  • High performing APIs
  • Highly secured and scalable
  • Easy configuration
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Re-usability of components
  • No implementation and configuration pains