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SmartPrise Visual Commerce

ARICSCOOPER’s SmartPrise Visual Commerce is the interactive online video management platform designed to enable the users to effectively upload and manage videos, which is built based on Adobe Flex and supported by RTMP & HTP. SmartPrise Visual Commerce supports commercial and open source media servers and video postings in any format which includes .AVI, .MPG, .MOV and .FLV.

ARICSCOOPER has designed SmartPrise Visual Commerce to provide enterprises an innovative demonstration, marketing and selling platform for their products with its unique rich and user-friendly features such a auto-tracking, context sensitivity, object marque, rating, sharing and more.

Conventionally, the comments & ratings for a video are managed and driven by the web page carrying the video posting. But SmartPrise Visual Commerce enables for a MaaS (Media as a Service) platform where the videos are user interactive and managed to act as a trail on their history, by having rating and comments posted by users being embedded on the video itself.

SmartPrise Visual Commerce is a stand-alone application that provides seamless integration with mutliple applications and social networking sites and is a flexible platform for enhancements and customizations.

    Key Features of SmartPrise Visual Commerce
  • Upload, download, play and convert videos to preferred formats
  • Real-time streaming and playing of videos supported by RTMP & HTP
  • Rate and comment on videos
  • Share videos with other users and social networking applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Supports tablet PCs and smart phones such as iPads, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Google Android G1 phones, Symbian and Brew devices
  • Administrative and user control panels to administer and manage user access rights to perform various activities for a video
  • Marque a product or object in a video and make it context sensitive for e-Commerce enablement and integration
  • Tracking a product or object in the video
  • Generating reports on the various activities performed on the video
  • Seamless integration with active directory and open ID (Single Sign-On)
  • Multiple deployment models: On-premise, Cloud & SaaS-based hosting
    Key Benefits
  • Interactive and gives the users a real time collaboration experience with the videos
  • Integration with e-Commerce applications enables the users to make instant online purchase of the object or product portrayed in the video
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Its support for RTMP & HTP streaming provides real-time play and greater performance
  • Mobile and cloud enablement provides anytime anywhere access over various mobile devices and tablet PCs
  • Greater interoperability with social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & more provides faster reach to the market through networking
  • Multiple deployment models and faster implementation process
  • Administrative panels ensure secured and user-based privileges to access and manage videos