Enterprise Computing Services

Enterprise Web 2.0 Service

ARICSCOOPER strategy behind Enterprise Web 2.0 services is to make your Web-based business applications and services more computing, interactive, ease, customer-centric and customized to your enterprise needs. We help you develop cost effective dynamic web applications with new look and feel, rich and friendly user interface and AJAX enabled for effective data grid management, which optimizes your end user productivity and improves your businesses.

Our Enterprise Web 2.0 offerings are not oriented towards any particular technology and has an amazing diversified approach of providing services using latest technologies such as ASP.NET, C#, Java, PHP, PYTHON, Ruby, HTML, CSS, Perl, XML, Silverlight, Moonlight, RSS, AJAX Toolkits, Feeds and so on. Our Web 2.0 services are wrappedaround hot concepts of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), AJAX, mashups and REST.

    ARICSCOOPER's Enterprise Web 2.0 offerings for enterprises include:
  • architecting, designing, implementing and testing new Web 2.0 application for enterprises
  • migrating existing applications from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0
  • migrating legacy applications to Web 2.0
  • customizing existing Web 2.0 applications for security, profiling and more suited to your enterprise needs
  • CMS (content management system) enabled web applications enabling for easy web updates
  • service enable and integrate all types of applications-desktop, legacy, Web 1.0, Web 2.0, etc

ARICSCOOPER's Web 2.0 offerings also include an in-house developed user interaction components namely, ZSL User Interaction Components (ZUI) for rich text editing tools, widgets, gadgets and libraries. which makes your application more collaborative and user friendly. Our Web 2.0 services are cost effective and are aimed to help you in bringing your services faster to the market, save your operating costs and increase your returns.
    Key Benefits
  • Applications with rich and user-friendly interface
  • Customized web services to the needs of an enterprise
  • Web applications which are dynamic and cost effective
  • Enables you to serve your customers faster and better
  • Easy access for customers and users from any remote place through web
  • User interface enriched with AJAX, RIA, mashups etc providing sophisticated features like instant data validation, drag and drop of widgets and flash components, etc
  • AJAX enabled applications for faster and timely data updates and refreshment
  • Web applications with efficient interaction between the database and interface layers tuning data refreshments to a block, field or screen, etc
  • Distributed architecture enabling integration between various applications, data sharing, remote accessibility and usability
  • Re-usability of components
  • Modularization allowing for easy handling, enhancement, modifications, etc
  • Language enhancement by using latest and greatest feature rich versions
  • Highly secured and good performance capability
  • Simple configuration procedures
  • Easy and faster implementation