Enterprise Computing Services

SmartPrise Cloud

In today's global competitive market, companies must innovate and get the most from its resources to succeed. This requires enabling its employees, business partners, and users with the platforms and collaboration tools that promote innovation.

ARICSCOOPER’s SmartPrise cloud offer enterprises offers Cloud Computing infrastructures, which are next generation platforms that can provide tremendous value to companies of any size. ARICSCOOPER’s SmartPrise Cloud help companies achieve more efficient use of their IT hardware and software investments and provide a means to accelerate the adoption of innovations.

SmartPrise Cloud increases profitability by improving resource utilization and costs are driven down by delivering and leveraging appropriate resources only for the time those resources are needed.

ARICSCOOPER has partnered with industry-best cloud providers - Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Canonical Ubuntu, OpSource, RightScale, Rackspace, Google & VMWare - and helps the enterprises to host their applications in Private, Public and Hybrid environment of these vendor cloud products in a cost effective manner.

    ARICSCOOPER’s SmartPrise Cloud offerings include:
  • End-to-End services in building, managing and deploying in private, public & hybrid clouds
  • Solutions & Services built on industry-leading cloud products like IBM Cloud, Amazon, VMware, OpSource& more
  • Establishing cloud reference architectures and framework
  • Consulting & Implementation services
  • Post Implementation Maintenance & Support
    Key Benefits
  • Expertise resources with in-depth knowledge on working with different cloud products
  • Proven track record in building and delivering cloud-based solutions and services
  • Neutral vendor alignment enabling enterprises to choose their preferred vendors
  • Faster implementation & Roll-out saving the implementation cost to a considerable amount in terms of effort & time spent
  • Complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment, TCO analysis & Pilot deployments on case-by-case basis
  • Value-added suite of services that includes BPM & SOA-enablement
  • Round the clock customer support