SmartPrise Social Commerce

SmartPrise Social Commerce

Social media explosion and social strategies in ecommerce are dictating the shift in the market, at the same time have set a harder targets for Retail & Online Media to drive higher consumer engagement & revenue. They have overwhelmed the consumers with information not relevant to them, which fueled their expectations for a much personalized and hyper relevant experience.

While traditional efforts continue to be a significant part of eCommerce strategy, social-based digital technology has aggravated the major challenges posed by Retail & Online Media websites - User Acquisition & Conversion rates, User Retention, Increased Revenue through higher average “Order/Action” value. Personalized Social-based Recommendations helps Retail & Online Media enterprises accomplish this by delivering a personalized hyper relevance experience. Several industry leading research notes and analyst quotes have substantiated this.

“More than 1/3rd of the respondents said a personalization recommendation helps them make decisions more quickly (JWT Trends Survey, July 2011).”

“45% say they are influenced a fair amount or a great deal by reviews on social sites from people they follow (46% say reviews in newspaper or magazine influence them.) (Harris Poll, April 2010).”

“These are great ways of conversing with influencing customers, especially since the individuals on a social networking site are usually connected to other individuals whom they trust and respect —recommendations from the most influential people of all, the prospective buyer’s friends and family” --- Booz Allen Hamilton Report”.

The market foresees a coherent & personalized experience with Social media, Contextual Relevance, Rich flow of data by interconnected web and social intelligence as the key elements for combating the above challenges.

SmartPrise Social Commerce for Relevant & Personalized Experience

We’ve built SmartPrise Social Commerce solution powered by myBantu's social and personalized recommendation engine, which follows and understands your consumer’s intent and engage them with a very relevant and personalized experience delivered by uniquely combining personalized recommendations, social intelligence and personal assistance approach. SmartPrise social commerce is the only solution that provides recommendations “for you” not for “people like you”.

SmartPrise Social Commerce’s recommendation engine is based on Active Relevance technology which considers 9 distinct parameters (notwithstanding keywords or usage) - persona in social networks, peer influence, popularity, brand affinity, price affinity, location, purchase history, favorite marque, navigation patterns - to realize the desire of your buyers/users and produce intent-based recommendations.

The solution produces much more targeted information, as recommendations, based on social algorithms enabling for a 360o customer engagement that persuades them for transaction ability and repeated visits.

These recommendations empower up-sell and cross-sell opportunities significantly driving up the average order/action value – as much as 120% and user engagement as much as 450%.

Our SmartPrise Social Commerce lays out a social-centered user engagement platform that allows them to instantly connect and get opinions, referrals, reviews, suggestions and coupons from friends, peers, colleagues and users of similar interests.

SmartPrise Social Commerce for Retail

Social Commerce & Personalization Solutions for Retail SMBs

Our SmartPrise Social Commerce includes comprehensive suite of commerce and personalization solutions for Retail SMBs. The solution enables online selling for the Retail SMBs by helping them to build their online stores with empowered buyer engagement features that facilitates for increase conversions and profitability. Our abilities include devising and establishing full commerce store for SMBs - catalog management, order management, marketing & promotion management, social media enablement, accounting & operations, stock management - and implementation of social-based personalized recommendation solutions.

Social Commerce & Personalization Solutions for Magento Commerce

Our SmartPrise Social Commerce offerings for Magento commerce is end-to-end and is a one-stop for commerce and personalization enablement.

We have a strong industry knowledge and proven technology expertise in building, customizing and implementing Magento-based commerce stores and extending it for social and mobile media.

SmartPrise Social Commerce’s social recommendation-based personalization technology is available as a standalone component and has a great interoperability with Magento commerce retail stores. The personalized recommendations combined to social intelligence fascinates the online shoppers with a personalized and relevant shopping experience.

F-commerce & M-commerce Solutions

We help Retail & Online companies to engage their buyers/users right from their Facebook & Mobile with the capability to extend their online businesses to social and mobile media. Our mobile commerce solution enables “on-the-go” consumer experience, which is available for various smartphone devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile & Brew devices), Tablets, Netbooks, PDAs.

Social Commerce & Personalization Solutions for IBM Smarter Commerce

Our SmartPrise Social Commerce is comprehensive with commerce and personalization enablement for IBM Smarter Commerce-based stores and portals.

We have well known industry recognition for our specialization and expertise in building, customizing and implementing IBM Smarter commerce stores and for the capability to extend it on emerging social and mobile technologies.

SmartPrise Social Commerce for Online Media

Personalization Solutions for Online Media

We provide end-to-end social-enabled commerce and personalization solutions for online media business, where our capabilities include providing solutions like "personalized news ", "relevant gossip", etc., that increase user engagement, user conversion - based on user intent and context and empowering users with personalized recommendations. Our solutions for online media have increased the engagement to a tune of 87-120% & new user acquisition to a tune of 15-23% for some of our online media customers.

Our SmartPrise Social Commerce solution empowers the users with very relevant and personalized experience by tying in personalized recommendations & social intelligence together.