Z* Connect

Z*Connect is a world-class software platform that provides alerts and notifications over Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and traditional paging networks. Z* Connect has been listed as the best mid-market products by VAR Business 500.

It is protocol independent and delivers messages to both SMS and any other wireless devices. This platform provides PushAdapters over Java messaging framework for different SMS and email protocols. Alerts and notifications generated by server applications are delivered to mobile devices (including Smart phones and pagers) using the push adapters.

These easy-to-use adapters are designed to shield developers from the details of protocols and enable quick development of wireless-smart applications.

Z*Connect has bundled a web application suite, with a rich list of features with it. The web application suite for administrator enabled remote administration. Z*Connect users can use the web application suite for sending SMS and Smart Messages through the web.

The Z*Connect SDKs are provided for applications that may require additional details at the protocol level. Each carrier that supports SMS has one or more SMS Centers (SMSC) that manages short message traffic. Z*Connect’s Push Engine allows communication between External Short Message Entities, and any wireless device, through SMSC of the wireless carrier.

Devices that do not support standard SMS protocols are also supported through SMTP protocol. Z*Connect includes Scheduler for effective scheduling of time-based alerts and notifications. The administration interface simplifies maintenance of time-based services and enables the push engine to deliver alerts and notifications to those clients registered for SMS messages. Z*Connect offers seamless integration options with any Enterprise Application.

It supports alert methodology based on specific events, transactions, and your company’s business logic. Another unique feature of Z*Connect is its ability to provide for automated escalation of high priority alerts to targeted users in accordance with predetermined rule sets.

This feature assures accountability and improves response time when dealing with mission critical events. The Z*Connect development framework enables rapid development and deployment on any industry standard messaging server. Z*Connect package includes clear and comprehensive documentation, software libraries, extensive source code examples and a built-in development and debugging environment.

It is designed so that your customers are up-to-date any time, anywhere on any device. You simply provide information and alerts that are of interest to your users and profitable to your company.
Supported protocols

Z*Connect Features & Technical Highlights

    Application Architecture

    Open Architecture
    100% pure Java solution
    In-Built Java Messaging Service (JMS) Server
    Third party JMS Support (deployment using any JMS implementation)
    XML based configurations
    Protocol Independent Server


    Reliable Message delivery
    Store and forward
    Message Retry
    Group Messaging
    Message Delivery Status
    Message Responses
    Dynamic Protocol Fail over
    Multiple Protocol Support
    SMSC protocol support
    SMS dialup support through TAP
    Generic API - dynamically switch from one access mechanism to another
    Synchronous or asynchronous sending
    Long message support - send and receive long messages
    Enhanced SMSC protocol support such as reconnection on connection loss, flow control and automated link monitoring and re-transmission.
    Time out configurations
    Group messaging
    Manage message groups
    Send long messages (messages longer than 160 Chars.) as concatenated short message

    Application Gateway

    Based on the keyword found in the received message, a remote application is invoked
    Can handle multiple messages in a concurrent manner.
    An XML based Configuration for the application invokers
    Virtually unlimited number of parameters can be passed for each invocation.
    An efficient thread pool to handle concurrent requests.
    Http Invoker to invoke web based applications
    Callback Invokers to invoke remote Java applications
    Result of the invocation is passed back to the originating device as SMS

    Receiver Engines

    Listens to the network for incoming messages
    Can run multiple concurrent receivers
    Highly configurable
    Starting and Stopping of Receive Engines
    Supports SMPP and GSM
    Can specify protocol specific parameters
    The same modem can act as sender and receiver


    Time based alerts
    Schedule by year, month, week, day, hour and minute
    UI for managing schedules
    Integration with Enterprise Applications
    Create alerts based on events
    Alert for transactions
    Alert based on some business logic
    Set Priority for alerts
    Create alerts Based on data feed like news (Requires Customization)
    Apply filters to the data feed (Requires Customization)

    WEB Application Suite for Users and Administrations


    Register users
    Un register users
    Block/Deblock users
    Update credits for users
    Show credit for existing users
    Send SMS to the users
    View Usage reports of users
    User personal profiles
    Add/delete the group
    Add/delete the users to group
    Send SMS to the group
    View log system activities
    Start/Stop server
    Create, configure and delete connections
    Configure Application Gateway parameters


    Sign in/registrations
    Home page
    Create shortcuts
    View Account status
    View log of messages sent
    Create Personal library
    Change profile
    Maintain Phone book
    Get Emails delivered as SMS
    Send SMS
    Maintain Contacts list
    Broadcast SMS
    Send Smart Messages
    Compose Ringtones
    Compose Icons
    Create your own library
    Receive Alerts based on conditions
    Receive Alerts based on Filter Conditions

    Technical Highlights:

    Rapid integration and deployment

    100% Java, Java messaging and XML compliance eliminate many interoperability issues; increase productivity and enables ease of integration and deployment.

    Distributed and Scalable

    Industry standard Java messaging based deployment options allow for platform and location independence and ease-of integration with other solutions and enable unlimited future growth. The built-in message queuing mechanism automatically spawns additional queues to manage load.

    Secure Communication

    Ensures end-to-end, confidentiality of communication using industry standard security tools.

    Standard Interfaces

    Our development methodology based on Java messaging and XML standard ensure ease of integration across wide range of existing enterprise applications. Using unified J2EE standards, Z*Connect wraps and embraces existing resources required by multi-tier applications with a unified, component-based application model.

    Z*Connect adapters and SDK support popular SMS protocols, such as SMPP, SNPP, TAP, and SMTP.

    Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing

    JMS based persistent message queues provide a higher degree of fault tolerance. On demand message queue management mechanism gives an effective load balancing.

    SMSC Independence

    Z*Connect delivers messages, alerts and notifications to wireless devices independent of carriers’ network and SMSC.