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Bank.Companion ( one of the global banking software companies providing mobile banking platform that enables Banks and Credit Unions to provide their customers with 24/7 Anytime Anywhere Banking.

Mobile Banking offers convenience, control for customers and drastically reduced costs of servicing customers for banks and credit unions. Bank.Companion gives Banks and credit Unions the competitive edge to offer highly secure convenient banking to your customers and differentiate themselves from the rest.

Bank.Companion offers various channels of Mobile banking services to encourage maximum customer adoption. Channels include:

Browser based
Downloadable Application
Benefits for Bank Customers
24/7 Access to your checking and checking account savings Up to date information to line of credit and loan
Up to minute interest and CD Rates
Transfer Funds from one account to another
Mobile Bill Pay
Check Balances and transaction history
Make your credit card bills
Nearby Branch and ATM details logging in
Benefits to Banks and Financial Institutions
More than a Decade of International Experience with Banks and Financial Institutions Seamless Integration with Core Banking System
Multi-Factor Authenticated Delivery Channels
Live Monitoring of Banking Systems on a 24/7 basis
One Touch Fraud Alert leading to mitigation of Fraud loss and Identity theft
Support for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions of all Sizes
Secure Trusted Transactions Benefit Banks, Business, and Consumers
Convenient Access to Real-Time Information Reduces Call Center Expense

“Banking Anytime! Anywhere! Be wireless always”
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Our New top-ups coming as ANDROID & Iphone and BLACKBERRY Mobile Banking

Bank Companion's ( secure Mobile Banking Solution for Banks and Credit Unions enables them to offer their valuable customers, 24/7 anytime anywhere banking.

Bank.Companion a complete suite of Mobile banking solution empowers retail and corporate banking customers with access to banking services through and supports leveraging a single common platform. Bank.Companion offers both mobile payments and M-Wallet within the DNA of mobile banking, with built-in support for merchant-initiated payments and reversals.

Bank.Companion allows your customers to access their accounts and perform their routine transactions “whenever they want and wherever they are” through the SMS, GPRS, J2ME, USSD and Smart Phones like I-Phone, Blackberry & Android enabled phones. Browser based and Downloadable Application Channel encourages to maximum customer adoption.

Bank.Companion meets Industry standard SSL/WTLS/PKI to assure its customers of highest levels of mobile banking security. It combines proactive and personalized services for your customers using different channels such as SMS Banking, Browser based and Downloadable Application. Security Features include Multi-Level Authentication, Activation Key, Confirmation key and Optional MPIN


Enquiries (consolidated view, account balance, view statements)
Transfers and payments (Inter and Intra bank transfers, utility payments, standing instructions, payment history
Personal services (change password, configure alerts, set limits, personalize services)
Information online (currency rates, deposit/lending rates, charges) Online Help and FAQ
Messaging alerts (account balances at a specified time, large debits/credits, salary credits, returned cheques and others)
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Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment Solutions

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Merchants and consumers do not have any common forum that provides an opportunity to transact/trade in small to medium payments. There is a need for a payment mechanism that will allow the mobile user community to make payments on the move even for small values. At the same time, the merchants must not be burdened with the high cost of transactions that erodes their profit margin.

'Mobile Payments' is the ideal solution to address these issues and promote mobile commerce using the latest wireless technology. The solution enhances delivery capabilities (Internet, SMS, GPRS and PDA), thus improving the relationship between customers and merchants. Consumers can securely and conveniently pay through their mobile phones or over the Internet. No hassles of carrying credit cards and no need to furnish the card number on every occasion.

Mobile Payments consists of:

Secured Wallets (prepaid accounts)
Top-up Wallets with credit card/online debits
Use of Wallet through mobile/Internet/PDAs
Processing of transactions and settlements
Personalization (defining limits and auto top-up)
Transaction history
Profile management
System administration
Merchants/Services management
How Does Mobile Payments Work?

Customers register for the services and open a Secured Wallet (prepaid account) with the Service Provider. The Wallet is topped up through credit cards or direct debits to bank accounts (wherever interfaced).

The customer is allowed to define transaction limits, maintain profiles, track account details and transaction details. Merchants are registered and allowed to integrate their services with the payment system.

While customers initiate transactions over the Internet or mobile phones and pay through the Wallet, the merchants receive online confirmations. Mobile Payments makes online payments simple, safe and secure.