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Depository System

Depository System

The customary system of script based dealing in shares involves enormous paper work and is time consuming. It also involves problems like bad deliveries, forgery and fake certificates, mutilation / tearing due to bad handling, loss of certificates, delay in receipt due to huge volumes being handled, etc. The process begins with buying share certificates in paper form and ends with getting the certificates endorsed in the buyer's name.

The Depository System aims at facilitating paperless trading and settlement of securities in electronic form. It eliminates the problems associated with physical securities and enables faster transfer / settlement and reduction in transaction costs such as brokerage, postage, etc.

DP Online (NSDL & CDSL)

DPOnline system is a complete Depository operation cum Financial Accounting system at par with the statutory requirements. DPOnline is a synonym of Charge Calculation, Transaction Management, MIS, and Billing System & Financial Accounting. The system works on a centralized setup on a three tier Architecture with complete independency on Back end RDBMS. The browser-based interface makes it handy & user-friendly, with ready to go implementation at branches - Install at HO and start using the software from the braches almost in no time and at no extra cost. The scope is further enhanced to have, spread of all depository services to varied branches at different geographical locations with both central & local databases. The system more emphasizes on working with a Single DPM license from NSDL at any location & highest level of services to be provided at varied branches. However the system supports Multi-DPM operations also. The software is on par with back office file formats for export & import of data to DPM system with latest NSDL Formats. The object oriented approach gives the best of user friendliness & ease of use.

Other Salient Features

• Multithreaded NSDL Import and Export - You can initiate all imports at a time and the software takes care of the execution
• Chart analysis of Account openings and transactions - Bar charts and Pie charts for more vivid representation of your transaction
• Scheduled reports - You can set up a timetable for printing reports • Demat Dispatch - A comprehensive demat operations management feature • End of Day Report - Everyday discrepancies are reported, making the software more reliable
• Transactions import and billing reversals for ad-hoc situations
• Panoptic User management - Create Roles, assign rights to roles, creates users with different roles across and within branches


• Client account opening can be initiated from the back office system totally to the extent signature capture & export of all mandatory details to DPM System of NSDL
• All transactions like Demat, Remat, Account Transfer, Pledge, Inter Settlement, Inter Depository, Delivery Out, CM Pool to Pool, etc... can be entered with user defined validations & exported to DPM terminal
• The same is provided with verify & release on category of users also additional verification for high value transaction or specific scrip • The charges for the same can also be charged with options like affront, on rejection additional
• Ease of operation is provided with retention of Client & ISIN details at the end of transaction entry
• Intelligent online helps to provide additional value added information's
• Entry screens also have Slip Number validations as per statutory norms
• System also generates valid acknowledgement in case of Demat or affront charges debit
• Batch wise upload to DPM at frequent intervals with control on maximum instructions every batch


• A complete user defined charge calculation matrix for all depository services with option of percentage, per certificate and fixed amount with maximum and minimum amounts, which can be set for a single or group clients, Scheme/Product wise, ISIN wise & even Transaction wise

• Sophistication in defining charges on specific client category, services, turnovers in transactions & holdings, time bound schemes, specific scrip discounts, etc.

• Periodical single page bill generation with groups on summary of transactions. Options are also provided to enclosed detail break ups as annexure

• Interest calculation on pending bills after exceeding of grace period in the corresponding bills

• Option to generate & print bill for & above any specified minimum amount

• MIS on age wise analysis on amount basis, day basis & client type basis • Maker & Checker option on bills with options to roll back & recalculation


• The software adheres to International norms of Double Entry Accounting System & provides exhaustive Financial Accounting System
• View of all accounts, with sophisticated Voucher Entry, Funds Status, Cheque Bouncing & other features of FA System
• Customized client accounts, transaction & holdings billing statements for a specific client or group of clients, between any given dates
• All levels of MIS in Client Transaction & Holdings with scrip wise/client wise along with market capitalization
• Transaction & holding statement can be generated from the back office system on lines with DPM generated formats
• Instruction Analysis with number of instruction entered, verified, etc... between dates and branches
• Graphical analysis of top 10 clients, earnings split up on services, month wise performance and many more ...


• Inventory, Issue & reorder of Instruction slips for all transactions of the depository
• Control on slips issued to branches
• Control on slips issued to clients
• Re-order reports
• Slip number validation with client code
• Slip stock maintenance


• Query on holding with script name via Phone
• Query on holding with complete details as per NSDL format

• The central HO database can be connected by any means of connectivity like Lease lines, VSAT, ISDN or even by a dial on demand connection
• The system provides option to allow data entry verifications, to be done at HO or branches itself


• Audit log is maintained for each and every transaction that is happening
• Software also stores values prior editing
• Passwords are encrypted along with user name and stored in the database
• Passwords should be a combination of special character and alphanumeric
• Old password cannot be given as new password


• SPEED-e Module which is highly robust and unique security
• Processing Third Party Data in DPOnline

• Laser or Dot Matrix print out for all out puts generated in the system
• Reports can be taken out put in industry standard formats also in ord, Excel, HTML, etc.
• Auto reconciliation with NSDL bill generated
• Reports for demat dispatch such as, Covering letters, address labels, checklist/summary
• Reports on pending, confirmed, rejected demat
• Rejection reminder for registrars
• Rejection notification for clients
• Client acknowledgement
• Departmental and company rejection notification reports

• The central HO database can be connected by any means of connectivity like Lease lines, VSAT, ISDN or even by a dial on demand connection
• The system provides option to allow data entry verifications, to be done at HO or branches itself
Loan Against Shares

• Definition of ratios & statutory limits of the company with approved list of ISIN's
• Loan application entry & check for mandatory documents
• Interactive modules for Pledge initiation, closure & invocation entry from the risk evaluation modules
• Multiple account pledge against a single loan
• Online Exposure & Drawing power calculation from the requisite data input
• Alerts on below the statutory limit of preset margins
• Additional charges definition in case of invocations


• Trading to be carried out through the Broker's Website. The client need not visit the DP's website directly
• View of Holdings in the Client's Account
• Scripts blocked by the system once the trade is initiated
• Scripts transferred to the broker's pool account once the trade is successful
• Data Transfer between Broker's Website and DP's website is through XML, which is independent of the scripting language used in the Broker's websites (ASP, JSP, etc.)
• Client verification at the DP level could be integrated with any existing Internet Banking application present with the DP
DP Web Web Based interaction with the DP server for E-Reporting & MIS with secured logins & alerts are provided as additional facility.
• Client can post queries on details like Holdings, Transactions & Accounts
• Client can directly enter instructions through Internet with valid User ID and Password
• Can also see market value & price movement analysis between dates
• Dynamic query on specific & legacy transactions
• Billing request on fax or E-Mail
• ISIN details like ND, Book closures, listings & any other info if given access to
• Scope for E-Depository services with complete transaction execution & E-commerce

Tele Depository solutions via IVR system or Call center management

• Login administration
• Fast access to required data
• Latest Transactions or Holdings
• Demat or Transaction status
• Net bill amount & debit status
• Payment receipt status
• Statements on demand by fax or E-Mail
• Kiosks or Touch pad based solutions
• Password validation access
• Specific query on transaction & holding
• Latest transactions
• All the aspects as define above.