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Trading & Equity

ARICSCOOPER strategic partner ZSL provides the ability for financial institutions to deploy mobile transaction solutions, bringing the power of the stock exchanges into the palm of customer hands using mobile phones or smartphones. Banking customers will have unlimited access to real-time financial equity data and news from multiple markets covering BSE, NSE, NYSE, NASDAQ etc.

The new generation solutions provide mobile applications to facilitate the download of financial data to a Smartphone mobile device that will allow you to:

• Monitor Market Movement in Real-time
• Check Portfolio P&L in Real-time
• Create Watch-lists of Equity Markets
• View Real-time Financial News
• Perform Real-time Transactions

We offer a range of financial services on the mobile. Using our products, existing Trading systems can be easily mobilized and the customers can use the new channel of mobile for their Trading and Equity needs.


With Quotes.companion, customers can receive stock alerts for their specified stocks, track price movements in their respective markets and get live stock price updates of the stocks traded in leading global markets. Quotes.companion is a state-of-the-art stock quotes solution integrating multiple delivery channels, viz. the Internet, SMS, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and PDAs.

SMS Push

• Stock Alerts: As and when stock prices reach or breach prescribed limits (absolute value, percentage or relative price)
• Scheduled Alerts on market opening prices, closing prices and at predefined intervals. Market indices and portfolio value are also sent at defined intervals.
• Bullion Alerts: Bullion prices from leading markets to the handset of the user
• Currency Alerts: Notification of prevalent currency exchange rates at specified times

SMS Pull

• Stock Price requests relating to any of the markets will retrieve the latest price information in a few seconds
• Bullion Price pull services can obtain the latest prices of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium from New York and London markets
• Currency Rates pull requests can retrieve the latest rates of any world currency

• Portfolio Value updates you with the latest value of your portfolio at any time

Internet, GPRS (Streaming) and PDAs

• Stock Monitor to track favourite stocks
• Stock Alerts to configure personalised alerts
• SMS/E-mail alerts
• Streaming quotes on GPRS
• Portfolio Tracker to track the portfolio at the latest market prices
• Stock Search for a flexible, easy-to-use quote search in any market
• Market Indices for updates on overall market movements
• Active Stocks and Gainers/Losers
• Bullion and Currency Rates

Quotes.companion on Voice Channel

Quotes.companion supports dissemination of the stock quotes and market information over voice channel. The information on the last traded price, volume, previous and related information of a stock or the latest market index in a specific market can be requested. The system recognizes the request and provides the information as voice. Also, the information sent proactively by the system (scheduled alerts or stock alerts) will be notified on SMS and the user can obtain the information over voice by dialing the notified number.


The success of private banking services depends largely on how information from multiple sources is aggregated and provided in a single view to a customer. Investore understands this need of high net-worth individuals and offers a state-of-the-art solution that integrates information from multiple systems. Accessible from anywhere and at any time through a PDA, it provides high net-worth investors with a flexible and convenient way of managing their investment, portfolio and bank accounts. It also helps in accessing the latest stock market information.

Key Services

Investore's range of private banking services includes the following modules:

• Cash Management: All the account information (checking, savings, trading or margin) maintained by the investor is summarized and presented in an organized manner.

• Portfolio Management

• Aggregation: The discretionary portfolio managed by the bank or Portfolio Manager, spread across multiple securities as per the customer-specified parameters, is aggregated and presented as a summary and in detail. At the first level are provided the total holdings and market values. The next level has market-wise and security-wise holdings, while the third level provides the individual lot level information. In addition to the portfolio investments, other investments in the bank (deposits) are also aggregated and presented in consolidated form to facilitate a single window access.

• Online Revaluation: The system instantly revalues the portfolio by marking to market the securities in the portfolio and provides the latest market value of the holdings. The latest prices of the securities are readily available within the system to revalue the holding at any time.

• Private Investments: For investments that customers manage on their own, availing the bank's brokerage and custodial services, this module helps in aggregation and presentation in one single view. A facility is provided for the customer to input and maintain the details.

• Investment Advisory Services: Customers can enjoy the benefits of personalised investment advisory services as well as access to market intelligence and opportunities. The information includes Stock Quotes, Market Indices, Active Stocks, Gainers/Losers, Bullion Prices and Currency Rates. Investore comes to you as a customizable service that also takes specific private banking information needs into account. It offers you a comprehensive overview of your assets, empowering you to clearly chart your investment goals.