eGovernance Solutions

eGovernance Solutions

Over the last 20 years, a near literal explosion of growth in online services has taken place. This technology revolution has not limited itself to the private sector; the public sector is embracing new digital frontiers as well. All Government agencies are increasingly adopting new, tech-savvy ways of doing business and serving people.

In the developed world, e-Government programs are widespread and are constantly being streamlined and improved time to time. Information & Communication Technology has been transforming governments throughout developed and emerging countries, pressing for a paradigm shift in e-Government Strategy that advocates placing the citizens at the center of public service delivery.

The electronic tools and services used by and with government, known collectively as "eGovernment", enable civil servants and constituents to navigate the public sector more quickly and efficiently. Government officials and employees can communicate more easily with citizen and business users. Streamline their department’s practices, improve transparency and do a better overall job of carrying out the vital work of government.

The shift toward eGovernment is also motivated by another, more fundamental factor: money. Ongoing economic challenges have brought about major budget cuts in the public sector, and agencies have had no choice but to reduce spending everywhere possible in response. By making operations more efficient and sustainable, eGovernment has helped many public sector entities maintain and even increase their level of performance in the of the fiscal challenges. Efficiency, Quick Response, Connecting with the Citizens, Transparency and Cost-effectiveness are the hallmarks of the eGovernment revolution.

The eGovernment is exciting and constantly changing. Governments across the nation are preparing for the future and considering how to deliver the next generation of solutions to the new generation citizens.

That's where ARICSCOOPER comes in. As it has since the beginnings of the movement two decades ago, ARICSCOOPER & our strategic partners remains the eGovernment industry revolutions key player. Its unique approach to service, founded on local relationships and an innovative business model, makes it all but certain to stay at the forefront of eGovernment revolutions for a long time to come.

ARICSCOOPER’s range of E-Government products and services implements electronic content, services and commerce for government bodies. E-Government meets this goal by facilitating speedy and transparent dissemination of information to the public and other government departments, and by streamlining various administration activities. These activities are carried out through:

Wireless Solutions & Services
Web Solutions & Services
Mobile / SMS Solutions & Services

ARICSCOOPER’s eGovernment Solutions cover several vital areas of the economic and social landscape:

E-Government Portal Development with a secured payment gateway that can be fully integrated with WAP, SMS and PDA solutions.
E-Police System designed for police personnel on the field, who need to report accidents and crimes.
Taxation and Revenues: Enabling tax-payers to access personal tax information, remember their deadlines, read about new laws, and pay online.
Industry and Free Trade Zones: Allow Web or wireless access to corporate clients to read rules and regulations, access business databases, apply for licenses and pay for services.
Real Estate: Providing resources for buyers, sellers, house-owners, real estate professionals, and anyone seeking to connect with the local real estate market.
Tourism and Immigration Services: Helping maintain databases of residents and visitors, providing instant messaging to concerned authorities during emergencies and alerts for expired visas and passports.
Payment Solutions: Including Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) on Web and WAP, payment alerts and micropayments.
Parking Meters and Fines: Enabling traffic inspectors to charge fines on the field, while on the move.
Healthcare and Hospitals: Appointment and registration reminders, pharmacy system for administration and distribution of medicines, and outpatient clinic systems.
Consultancy: ARICSCOOPER partnerships with leading solution providers can be leveraged for consultancy on e-government projects.
ARICSCOOPER Offerings: E-Government products and services for several departments:

Home affairs and police
Tax and revenue
Industry and free zones regulation
Healthcare and hospitals
Banks and stock exchanges
Tourism authority