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Fornax - Plan Check Expert

Fornax - Plan Check Expert

The FORNAX™ product was developed to perform automated checks on electronic building plans and development plans against building and land regulations (or guidelines) for design compliance. With this product, users can perform building and land design assessments in a quick and consistent manner.

FORNAX™ reads in digital plans, performs automated evaluation of the plans against a database of codes of practice and regulations, and produces reports on compliance or otherwise. On receiving the report, the examining officer may grant a waiver for non-compliance in certain cases. The final results are then used for follow-up action between the developer, the designer and the authority.

The following are some applications for this product:

 External Work Clearance - evaluation and decision-making on standardized digital drawings created by most CAD software against prescription-based Land Development Plan Guidelines and Regulations, such as Set-back, Plot Ratio and Land use type.

 Building Plan Design Clearance - checks proposals for compliance with building regulations and covers matters such as fire-escape route, materials, ceiling heights and fire rating.

 Building Services Design Clearance - performs compliance checks on building services components with building regulations, such as ventilation systems, hydraulic systems and fire protection systems.