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Octans - Council Management System

Octans - Council Management System

OCTANS™ is a series of products that supports functions which are carried out by local government organizations such as city councils, municipal councils, and district councils in controlling and managing land planning and development. OCTANS™ was developed to support the complex processes and interaction between developers, their professional advisers, and the authorities. These business processes include, amongst others, the following:

Physical planning relating to the allocation of land for specific uses;
Processing of land development applications;
Checking the conformance of building design to existing codes and safety standards;
Valuation of properties; and
Provision of essential city services such as car parking, street lighting, refuse disposal and parks management.

The OCTANS™ series of products has different software modules to handle different domain-related processes. These modules can be completely integrated and incorporated into a "one-stop" access environment. The following are some adoption for this product:

Planning Permission - Supports the local authorities' business process in approving various development applications such as erection of new buildings, change of land use, alteration and addition to buildings, sub-division and amalgamation of land.

Building Control - Manage complete business process from examining and approving building plans up to the monitoring of building construction process, according to the relevant building control legislation procedures.

Property Valuation - Automated business process of valuing land and buildings, maintaining databases of value to all properties for each local authority area, capturing all property transactions, and mass valuation of properties over difference economic scenarios, which can affect the value of properties.