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E-Police System

Police personnel need to access information and report incidents, accidents and crimes while out on the road. Their reporting involves not only data, but also live images and pictures. The need of the moment is thus an effective, speedy, intuitive and secure system to manage on-the-job and internal communication among the personnel. Zylog's E-Police System not only makes this communication process a possibility, but also a great success.

How the E-Police System Works

Police personnel can access live databases of criminals, cars and cases, along with essential police contact details, news and events on PDAs, Internet and even via SMS. Even while on the field, they can store real-time data, images (moving or still) and pictures on their handheld devices at the time of an incident. The stored information is submitted online to a central monitoring system for the department to take appropriate action. Any further instructions can be communicated to the officers via SMS, e-mail or GPRS.

Features of the System

 Wanted Persons
 Suspected Criminals
 Criminal History
 Wanted Cars
 Stolen Cars
 Cases
 News and Events
 Contact Details
 Weather
 Recommendations
 Airline Information
 Audit Trail

Field Reporting System

The Field Reporting System interfaces with the field PDAs that are equipped with cameras, relaying information to the back office system in real time. It keeps track of all entries and queries made on the database using the audit trail options of the system.

Traffic Management System

The Traffic Management System provides invaluable, real-time traffic information that can assist police officers as well as the public. Traffic information can be customized based on user preferences (routes used, time, etc.).

Payment Services

ARICSCOOPER Mobile Account application can be plugged into the E-Police System to enable the public to pay their fines to the Police using their mobile phones or PDAs, even while on the move.