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E-Government Solutions

ARICSCOOPER’s range of E-Government products and services implements electronic content, services and commerce for government bodies. These services enable government organizations to effectively bridge the gap between themselves and the public they serve.

E-Government meets this goal by facilitating speedy and transparent dissemination of information to the public and other government departments, and by streamlining various administration activities.

Wireless Solutions & Services
Web Solutions & Services
Mobile / SMS Solutions & Services
ARICSCOOPER’s eGovernment Solutions cover several vital areas of the economic and social landscape:

 E-Government Portal Development with a secured payment gateway that can be fully integrated with WAP, SMS and PDA solutions.
 E-Police System designed for police personnel on the field, who need to report accidents and crimes.
 Taxation and Revenues: Enabling tax-payers to access personal tax information, remember their deadlines, read about new laws, and pay online.
 Industry and Free Trade Zones: Allow Web or wireless access to corporate clients to read rules and regulations, access business databases, apply for licenses and pay for services.
 Real Estate: Providing resources for buyers, sellers, house-owners, real estate professionals, and anyone seeking to connect with the local real estate market.
 Tourism and Immigration Services: Helping maintain databases of residents and visitors, providing instant messaging to concerned authorities during emergencies and alerts for expired visas and passports.
 Payment Solutions: Including Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) on Web and WAP, payment alerts and micropayments.
 Parking Meters and Fines: Enabling traffic inspectors to charge fines on the field, while on the move.
 Healthcare and Hospitals: Appointment and registration reminders, pharmacy system for administration and distribution of medicines, and outpatient clinic systems.
 Consultancy: ARICSCOOPER partnerships with leading solution providers can be leveraged for consultancy on e-government projects.

ARICSCOOPER Offerings: E-Government products and services for several departments:

Home affairs and police
Tax and revenue
Industry and free zones regulation
Healthcare and hospitals
Banks and stock exchanges
Tourism authority