Enterprise Computing

Enterprise Computing

With so many businesses moving their operations to the cloud computing, staying on top of the latest tech trends is becoming increasingly important. For business owners, though failing to take advantage of the latest advances in business technology can mean getting left behind while their competitors soar ahead.

The popularity of CaaS (Collaboration as a service) is growing across all industries, it’s interesting to note that traditionally cloud-wary verticals, such as financial services, insurance, industries, supply chain, and the public sector (including education and healthcare), are starting to warm up to cloud-based collaboration services, many organizations in those verticals are either already using or planning to adopt CaaS over the next one to two years.

The latest trend in Cloud Computing indicates private cloud is emerging as the preferred consumption model for CaaS. Given the perceived risks associated with public cloud-based services in areas like data/network security and confidentiality, private cloud models for CaaS make sense. Some of the key drivers for cloud collaboration adoption by organizations are:

Connecting a growing globally dispersed workforce
Globalization has helped organizations expand beyond national borders. But it has also given rise to a large number of geographically distributed teams that must be brought together on a reliable, integrated communications platform that is easy to use, always on, and accessible to all, even from remote locations.

Improving cost efficiency and savings
Given the budgetary constraints of IT departments of the organization, cost-effective cloud-based alternatives are often easier to justify than traditional on premise solutions. The relatively low existing investments in legacy communication and collaboration infrastructure make the transition to cloud a financially viable option.

Individual productivity and appropriate levels of security assurance
The deployment is driving overall communication process improvement in terms of ease of maintenance for IT and an increase in individual productivity. Cloud Computing is maturing and adaption is growing in a business space largely, the organizations started realizing that Cloud safety is all about finding the right vendors and implementing technology that focuses on both identity verification and data encryption.

SmartPrise SocNet - Next Generation Knowledge Management & Collaboration Solution Where Social Meets Enterprise

ARICSCOOPER’s SmartPrise SocNet is the Next Generation Collaboration and Knowledge Management solution for enterprises to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and interaction among its employees. SocNet solution provides the business managers access to right information at right time through collaborative platforms within and across the organization at inexpensive cost.

Our Collaboration and Knowledge Management solution built on Web 2.0 technologies can help your organization gain immense potential through knowledge promotion, thought exchange and innovation, turning out to bring huge business opportunity for your enterprise. Our SocNet solution can help your organization build social computing tools like Blog, Forums, Syndications and more through which you can express your organization's vision, ideas, innovations, strategic value and leadership insights to the world. Our expertise in open source technologies and commercial products can help you build social computing portals at reduced cost.

Collaboration in Cloud (CiC)

ARICSCOOPER extended its SmartPrise SocNet, the Knowledge Management & Collaboration, offerings as service oriented cloud computing services. Our Knowledge Management & Collaboration is service enabled and enterprises can now avail Collaboration as a service (CaaS), which is cost effective and pay only for the utilized services. Our Cloud enabled Collaboration services are powered by WebSphere sMash and Amazon Web Services. The green savvy enterprises can now capitalize their knowledge pool using a virtual infrastructure at reduced capital expenses.
Our Collaboration and Knowledge Management solution for enterprises

Connects knowledge assets at low cost investment
Is a repository for harnessed knowledge capital and easily accessible for employees at all levels

One time investment for knowledge dissemination
Enables effective utilization of knowledge converted into value proposition action
Brings productive collaboration at inexpensive cost
Brings transparency across the enterprises
Brings solution to a problem at one's own desk
Share your project status, new experiences among your peers at inexpensive communication cost
Provide you and your employees a tool to expose talents, leadership qualities and innovative thoughts to the world at no cost investment
Is secured and reliable social computing portal tailor made to meet your enterprise requirements
Features of SmartPrise SocNet

Customized Social Computing Portal
The social computing portal can be customized and tailored to the needs of your enterprise for collaboration with multiple networks, employees, customers, partners and suppliers for information sharing and interaction.

Social Networking

SmartPrise SocNet brings you an opportunity of knowing each other and networking with people of your common business interests. It makes your business stronger by enabling you to build a stronger social tie around your business demands.

View individual profiles
Create open and private groups at all levels
Group Invitations
Personalized Invitations
View Group Profiles
Discussion Forums

SmartPrise SocNet provides discussion platforms that connects and engages the employees across various geographical areas. It gives the advantage of breaking the monotony of one-to-one communication and gives an opportunity for your employees at any level to initiate or participate in discussion and share their ideas. User-based and permission-based forums for employees, customers, partners, closed groups, open groups to generate content, share knowledge and re-use at time of need across the organization.

Search through forum posts
Attach files of any format .Doc, .XLS, .PDF, .JPEG, .GIF and more to a discussion post
Download attachments from a forum
Easy navigability to other forums
Information on user's permission levels
Forum Statistics through dashboards
Sorting discussions based on topics, date-wise, period-wise and more
Common Announcements visible to all
Email notifications about forum postings
Forum Pagination

With SocNet you can harness your corporate knowledge and create a corporate memory of this valuable knowledge. It acts as an information dissemination vehicle. The technical and management bigwigs can share their innovative ideas, leadership insights and acquaintance and thereby establishing a liaison with employees promoting for a healthy corporate environment.


Search through blogs
Attach files of any format .Doc, .XLS, .PDF, .JPEG, .GIF and more to a blog post
Download attachments from a blog
Provision to post comments
Statistics on blog entries and comments
Forum Statistics through dashboards
Sorting discussions based on topics, date-wise, period-wise and more
Links to recent and most popular blogs
Rating, Tagging and bookmarking
Email notifications about blog postings
Enterprise Wikis

SmartPrise SocNet offers a collaborative workspace with a rich WYSIWYG editor, which enables anyone to create content that is visible to team members and available for editing and collaborative contributions. It also includes user voting to rank the value of wiki pages.
Personalized Home Pages

You can personalize your forum or blog or wiki to designs of your own interest. You have provisions to download widgets and through simple drag and drop capabilities create your own page style.
Enterprise Search

Another break through feature of SmartPrise SocNet is its Enterprise-class search engine that performs search through ASCII files of both HTML and text and enables to create index.
Compliance Management

SmartPrise SocNet provides audit log features to trace and track the user activities on their step-in and -out time.

To connect your interests and expertise with your colleagues, SmartPrise SocNet offers you a simple and exuberant feature of bookmarking URLs. You can save URLs, that you think to be useful, as bookmarks and can share with others and as well as go through URLs bookmarked by your peers.

ARICSCOOPER's collaborative platform has an integrated Survey Management module to conduct surveys across the organization. This will help you to find out the employee, peer and customer consensus, preferences and opinions over a topic and to take mission critical decisions based on the survey results.
Instant Messaging

SmartPrise SocNet provides instant messenger that enables you to instantly interact with your peers, partners and customers invariably across the globe through chats. This promotes effective and efficient communication featured with immediate response or acknowledgement - all at inexpensive spending.
RSS Feeds

SmartPrise SocNet has features to auto generate feeds for a newly posted blog/forum, publish and subscribe to feeds, where access rights to publish or subscribe to feeds is profile-based. You can also syndicate feeds from external sources.
User Management

SmartPrise SocNet has a fully integrated administrator module to manage user and group access and permission levels to perform actions such as add, edit, delete, view, post comments, rating and more. The administrative user has provision to enable/disable a blog and approve/disapprove/edit a posted comment, news and events. This helps you to keep only authenticate information posted, secure your mission critical information and avoid spamming over the collaborative tools.
News & Events Management <
br/> SmartPrise SocNet serves as a complete secured collaborative solution with permission-based administrative access to publish, edit and delete an announcement, news or event. Thus you can leverage SocNet to disseminate mission-critical information and enunciate organization's insights to your employees, customers and partners through announcement and news.

Rich and Friendly User Interface
SmartPrise SocNet is built on Web 2.0 services enriched by rich concepts of AJAX, RIA, etc. providing more rich and user friendly interface bringing in ease data handling and quick data refreshment.

Business Benefits

Drive Innovation
Improved Collaboration & Collective Intelligence
Increased Productivity & Efficiency
Simplicity & Ease of Information Exchange
Higher transparency & Openness
Shorter Time to Interaction & Communicate. Effortless too!!!
Mission-critical information with less risk
Improved Loyalty & Participation
Improved Time to Market
Greater finding ability
Low Cost, Greater Cost Savings
Builds Relationship - Connect & Engage Customers, Partners & Public
Retain knowledge, mitigate the impact of a maturing workforce
Branding, Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations
Supports Green Initiatives - Boundaries are eliminated, meetings are virtual / real-time, and collaboration goes global. No Travel, No Cost. Technical Benefits

Seamless integration with existing applications
Built on a scalable, reliable, service and web oriented architecture
High performing APIs
Easy customization in accordance to the interacting network
Trustworthy secured interaction network
Rich & Fresh User Experience using Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX, Mashup Simple, yet elegant Admin Control Panels
Manageability & Maintainability: Unified Admin Control Panel
Minimal configuration procedures, thus faster Implementation
Reduce document exchange & infrastructure costs by 30%
Greater security using the latest Web 2.0 tools