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On a global and domestic level, healthcare industry is in high-tech transition mode. No industry, right now, in fact, is being more affected by advances in technology. But with each advance in medical devices, medications, methods of care, and healthcare administration, new standards emerge that affect how the entities in the industry need to communicate

With healthcare costs soaring, administrative costs comprising a whopping 7% of healthcare expenses, and increased concerns about medical errors and counterfeiting, to name a few challenges, various government agencies across the world are taking legislative action

Traditionally, IT teams within Healthcare industry have had much smaller budgets than counterparts in other industries. As a result, they have struggled to implement New & Innovative Information Technology Platforms, Systems and Solutions

Across the Chain of Care - Changing Landscape
Global and national mandates, standards, and legislation that impact the life sciences/healthcare industry are now expected to be implemented across the globe. And that includes the whole value chain from discovery through manufacturing of medical devices, supplies and pharmaceuticals; to the distributor, retailer, and the point of care clinics, hospitals, physicians, and home healthcare services.

These mandates have an underlying philosophy that specifically calls for integrating the chain of care. And this will have long term implications for the way we transact and communicate. Therefore, they will form the foundation for now and for the digital future of the industry.

Boiling the healthcare industry mandates down to a few big themes is not easy, but there are a few universal truisms across all the industry sectors:

Improve care and protect the patient

Reduce the complexity of the healthcare value chain

Significantly increase the information available to all appropriate players, i.e., improve interoperability between systems and entities—the patient, the provider, the producer, and the supply chain—to support the most effective, timely, and efficient operation/use

A big question health care companies are wrestling with now is how to get there from where we are now, which is really existing in two worlds: the old fee-for-service, volume-based world, and this new and evolving value-based world they have to adapt to in the near future. If they’re thinking about how to provide services or products from a high-quality/low-cost perspective when they’re still in a volume-based business, it’s hard to go about understanding the potential impacts on the bottom line.

Currently, health care organizations are mostly focused on taking foundational steps such as getting electronic health records, building data warehouses and setting up health information exchanges. Being positioned to deliver high-value health care can depend in large part on their ability to collect, share, analyze and manage information, and their ability to innovate.

Going forward, there will need to be more information sharing than ever before. Providers will need information from Pharma organizations and payers will need information from providers. On top of that, they’ll likely need access to data on outcomes not directly related to health care.


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