Insurance Solutions

General Insurance Software Solutions

For over a decade, Anodas General Insurance Software Limited -- a London-based division of our strategic partner Zylog Systems Limited -- have delivered tailored and scalable software, development and integration services to insurers, underwriters, brokers, MGAs and claims managers. Through our ongoing investment in both insurance and technology professionals, we continue to design and develop functionally-rich software to meet the evolving requirements of individual clients.

Anodas are able to leverage a globally-positioned workforce of 3000 software professionals and domain experts, as and when required. This helps to give Anodas and ZSL a three-way edge. Firstly we can bring new software products to market in a timely fashion. Secondly we can tailor the Phoenix and Phoenix Claims platforms to match customers' exact requirements cost-effectively. And finally, we can provide complete IT migration and integration support to clients who are looking to integrate our modular insurance solutions with their existing software systems.

For more information on our tailored and scalable software, development and integration services, please follow the links above, or contact us today to have an informal chat about your specific requirements.