Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

A survey was conducted on above 700 companies over the last 12 months by USA based Research Company, asking them if they have applied or developed any mobile apps internally to help them with such things as supply chain management, logistics, purchasing, maintenance, service, or sales support. At this point, only 4% said “yes,” which is very low considering how many smart phones and tablets are in use by businesses of all sizes today. Mobile Apps Will Transform All Business Processes - Is Your Company Ready?

The second question and answer was even more enlightening: “Do you think that at least half the businesses in your industry will have their own mobile apps for functions like that within the next two years?” The response was amazing: 100% agree that half of the businesses in their industry would. Let’s face it, two years is a short amount of time considering there’s such a low percent of mobile apps for business functions today.

So, what does all this mean for your business? It means that mobile apps designed by businesses for their internal use and competitive advantage will explode over the next two years. Therefore, all business leaders need to ask themselves: “Two years from now, do I want to be one of the companies that are not identifying & developing mobile apps to transform business processes?” Once you see the hard trends driving this software revolution, it would be hard to answer “no.”

Remember, a hard trend will happen; a soft trend might happen. The hard trend is that businesses will be developing mobile apps customized for their company for various functions. The soft trend is whether your company will be one of them.

Here’s something else to consider: The number of smart phones and tablets in all sizes of companies has obviously exploded in the last couple of years, and this hard trend is picking up speed. At the same time, the cost of being able to deploy business intelligence in every function is dropping off a cliff just as the capability of our smart devices, of our wireless and wired networks, and of both private and public clouds grows. So with costs decreasing and capabilities increasing, the time to act is now.

The companies that transform their business processes using mobility will achieve new levels of success. The time for business process transformation is now. The question is, “How?”

ARICSCOOPER Mobile Solutions

Whether you are looking for a Mobile Solution or want to build an Application for a large enterprise or small business, we can make it happen. We will develop specifications for your app or work with you and your existing specifications to deliver a product to you that will drive your business.

Our consultation process starts with your business strategy. We translate your strategy into required user behaviors. Once we clearly understand the required user behavior, our teams focus on creating an interface that is highly functional, incredibly simple and beautifully designed.

The Engage Mobile Delivery Engine is a key to our overall mobile app development and delivery process. This comprehensive delivery engine utilizes lean development principles, provides complete transparency to our clients and allows tremendous flexibility. In addition, we have fantastic development talent that can handle your needs, regardless of size or complexity.

Utilizing the power of our strategic partner ZSL Mobile solutions and products, the organizations can provide a means for mobile works to access real time information.

We help our customers extend their business to wireless channels through our component-based solutions for multiple platforms and channels by providing easy support for additional delivery channels, multi-language, localized content and easy upgrades to future wireless technologies.

Our solutions are built on cutting-edge technologies and bring the latest innovative possibilities to reality. We have ready products to enable mobile operators, government, banks, stock exchanges, airlines, fleet management companies, media, retail organizations and corporate bodies to serve their customers over the Internet and wireless channels.

Our strengths include domain expertise, technology skills, integration experience with legacy systems and corporate databases, and cost-effective solutions. All our solutions are developed on leading industry application middleware platforms. Our wireless solutions are device independent (work on mobile phones and PDAs) and are integrated to seamlessly support GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, USSD, J2ME technologies.